Developing a HABIT

Good Or Bad habitSomeone has rightly said, “If I am filled with the right habits, then I won’t have time for the bad habits.”

Developing the right habits are a way to Make Things Happen, get to where you want to go or become the person you desire to be.  An easy way to remember how to develop a new habit is with the acrostic HABIT.  OK, that is the easy part!  Next…

H  Have a Plan.  What is one specific habit you need to develop or eliminate from your life?

A  Add pain or pleasure.  What is the pain or pleasure that will result from this new habit?  (For example, if I don’t exercise and lose weight, I will have a heart attack and leave my wife a widow to raise the kids alone.)

B  Build in accountability.  What friend can you ask to help keep you accountable as you seek to develop this new habit?

I  Internalize the Truth.  What truth can you memorize to help you develop or eliminate this new habit?  Memorize a verse of Scripture or a quotation.  Meditate on its significance.  Modify the way in which you think.

T  Try and try again.  Have patience with yourself.  Practice the new habit over and over again.  Persevere until the new habit is a natural part of your life.  Remember the only thing that can keep you from succeeding in developing this new habit is not persevering!

What new habit will you develop this year?

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6 Responses to Developing a HABIT

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  2. grisdeluna says:

    Para desarrollar un buen hábito no solo es suficiente desearlo, se necesitan herramientas como estas para lograrlo. Excelente artículo y muy apropiado leerlo otra vez en este inicio de año ya que muchos de nuestros nuevos propósitos están relacionados con nuestros hábitos.

    • Steve Morgan says:

      Gracias May por tu comentario. Tienes razon que es mas que desear. Para mi necesito un coach para rendirme cuentas. Muchos como yo no tiene disciplina y me conozco…me ayuda tener una estructura externa como un coach para ayudarme lograr mis metas.

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