Character and Conduct: some thoughts from Titus

The past couple months we have been studying Titus.  Below I am attaching links for my book chart of Titus as well another page of some overview thoughts.  I encourage you as you begin to finish up the study to develop your own book chart and summary page.  Here are a few thoughts:

Titus closely links character to conduct as a definition of true godliness. (Read the book again and note the references to character qualities, the number of references to good works or good deeds and how we are to conduct ourselves; then note how many time the word godly or godliness and sound doctrine are used.)

There are some who split these.  Have you heard, “God does not care about what we do; He cares about who we are”.  “We are human BEings, not human DOings.”   There is some truth in these statements but I learn in Titus that God actually cares about both.  Character and conduct is a continuous cycle that feeds back into each other; that is sound doctrine which leads to godly living. Jerry Bridges in his book, The Practice of Godliness talks about this as well.  He defines godliness as “devotion to God which results in a life that is pleasing to him.”  It involves both our conduct and our character.  Certainly our conduct flows out of our character; we act out who we are on the inside.  But there are times when we conduct our selves in godly ways which contribute to developing a godly character.  Would we ever say that a person had great character if he never lived it out in his conduct?  On the other hand, it is easy to get caught in the trap of outward productivity, without developing real fruit of character.  So it is not and “either/or” proposition, but a “both/and” one.  That is why I like what Paul says in Titus:  Grow in character, appoint godly leaders of character, AND live that out in good deeds and conduct.

Titus overview

Titus book chart

3 summaries of Christian theology in Titus

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