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Givers and Takers

In any organization or community there are givers, and there are takers.  You’ve probably come across these two types of people in your personal and professional life. Recently I have had interactions with a couple people in which I walked … Continue reading

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Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

You may have heard about relational intelligence and emotional intelligence/quotient (EQ). Today Terry and I heard from Dr. Ray Wheeler on Cultural Intelligence (CQ).  Read Ray’s blog here.  We are taking his class called Leading Across World Cultures in the … Continue reading

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5 Important Reminders for Teaching Adults

Every leader is a teacher; every teacher is a leader!  The two are intertwined.  I enjoyed our first morning with Dr. Jim Adams, Azusa Pacific professor for our Designing Learning Strategies for a Global Environment. Here is an acrostic as … Continue reading

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