Workflow for “Stuff”

One of the lifestyle energy drainers is clutter.  Here is my adaption of David Allen’s idea from his book, Getting Things Done:  The Art of  Stress Free Productivity.  I have used this concept to get my email to zero most days, but it has other applications as well.

Do you think this would be helpful to you?  Why or why not?  In what areas could it be helpful to you?

About Steve Morgan

I work in Global Leadership Development with my wife, Terry. We have been married for 36 years and have 4 grown children. I have a Masters in Global Leadership together through Azusa Pacific University. I generally write about 5 “L’s: Living Well, Loving Deeply, Learning Continuously, Leading Courageously, and Leaving a Legacy. I occasionally write about Laughing Loudly. Subscribe on the right side to receive an email whenever there is a new post. I invite you to leave your comments so we can dialogue on the various topics and learn from each other. If you are new to the site, you might start with looking at some of the top posts or doing a search on the right sidebar for one of the 5 “L’s” that interest you. Or you can view the blog archives for topics. Photo Credit:
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3 Responses to Workflow for “Stuff”

  1. Mariette says:

    Thanks, that is really helpful. I am going to give that a go, and hope to reduce my inbox with hundreds of emails…… Yippie!!!

    • Steve Morgan says:

      One other thing that has helped me is to organize my folders into the 4-6 areas that correspond to my major areas of responsibility. I have: 1) my wife and family, 2) M.A. studies, 3) Relationship with Parters/Donors 4) Major Project I am in charge of 5) Leadership Coaching and 6) National Leadership team succession plan. So when I have an email that takes more than the two minutes to answer, it goes out of my inbox to that folder (color-coded in Outlook). The key then is to review those folders that cover the Core Priorities (relationships and projects) that need my energy. Each day in the week I have dedicated, focused time to spend in that folder with those emails and to-do’s. Before doing this, I had over 500 emails in my inbox and had a reputation of not responding. Really eroded trust. Have built that back now. Best of luck.

    • Steve Morgan says:

      So….how is the inbox thing going? Any progress?

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