What needs your energy this next month?

The Olympic athletes have planned and trained for years to compete in London 2012.  The winners receive a medal; those who don’t earn gold, silver or bronze still make memories and life-long friends.  Isn’t it just as important to win in our lives and marriage?  This also requires some planning, training and intentionality.

Before this next month starts and life begins to get away from you, why not take 30 minutes and ask yourself:

What 4 relationships or projects need my energy this month?

For over a year, I have used this Priority Grid to map out my priorities for a month.

The diamond in the middle is the core. Whether in life or in physical exercise, always strengthen the core!   Mayo Clinic mentions several reasons why we should strengthen our core muscles: to improve our balance and stability, help do other physical activities, help you reach your physical goals, and help strengthen the abs!

Strengthening your life core will do the same (no guarantee you will have the abs of some those Olympic swimmers or gymnasts, sorry.)  However, strengthening your life core will help you improve balance and stability in life, help you with other activities and help you reach your life and relationship goals.

The next step is to determine what relationships or projects you will need to pour energy into during the next month.  Where do you need to “win the gold” this next month?  Use the 4 quadrants to write out your goals, ideas, “to-do’s” for that area.  What do you want that area or relationship to look like after the month?

Download my FREE Priority Grid planner and try it out this next month.

Let me know if it is helpful to you, or any ideas to improve the the Priority Grid.  Have a great month!  Go for the six-pack abs!  And, go for the gold!

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About Steve Morgan

I work in Global Leadership Development with my wife, Terry. We have been married for 36 years and have 4 grown children. I have a Masters in Global Leadership together through Azusa Pacific University. I generally write about 5 “L’s: Living Well, Loving Deeply, Learning Continuously, Leading Courageously, and Leaving a Legacy. I occasionally write about Laughing Loudly. Subscribe on the right side to receive an email whenever there is a new post. I invite you to leave your comments so we can dialogue on the various topics and learn from each other. If you are new to the site, you might start with looking at some of the top posts or doing a search on the right sidebar for one of the 5 “L’s” that interest you. Or you can view the blog archives for topics. Photo Credit: sarahjoellephotography.com
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2 Responses to What needs your energy this next month?

  1. I like the idea – tell us more Bout how it works

    • Steve Morgan says:

      I plan out and write down a few of my core priorities under Live Well, Love Deeply etc. Then I pray, look at some priorities for the next 4-6 weeks. I sense where God’s Spirit is putting pressure and make those 4 areas or relationships a priority for my energy and attention for a time. I write the relationship or project on the top of the quadrant, then my to-do’s/strategies/goals for the month in that area. Having goals and priorities written down help me stay focused.

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