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5 Great Gifts

Do you know what the average person spent on Black Friday weekend?  The National Retail Federation estimates 247 million shoppers visited online and bricks-and-mortar stores during the long weekend, spending an average of $423 each for a total of $59.1 billion! How … Continue reading

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The Transforming Power of Gratitude

Is gratitude truly beneficial, or is it simply a nice virtue our mothers taught us?  You may recall a similar experience… “What do you say?” Mom gently spurred me on when, as a little child, someone gave me a gift. … Continue reading

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Not all needs are apparent

This is a reblog from Andrea Buczynski.  She has some great thoughts on encouragement.  Who needs encouraging?  The answer might surprise you…Read on…. Thank you for coming.  I wish my director came to visit me. I was climbing into my … Continue reading

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