How Great Leaders like Martin Luther King Cast Vision

martin-luther-king-jr“Those who have most powerfully and permanently influenced their generation have been the “seers”- men who have seen more and farther than others.”  J. Oswald Sanders

“Vision is our deepest expression of what we want – the preferred future, a desirable state.”   Peter Block

One of the key responsibilities of any leader is to cast vision.  Vision is seeing in your mind’s eye a more desired future that motivates you to action in the present.

Vision casting is communicating from your heart and experience to others a picture of that desired future with emotionally compelling language and images that connect and engage the listeners.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of vision casting is Martin Luther King Jr. Take 5 minutes and watch his “I Have a Dream” speech.  If you want, before you watch, get a free download article here called, “The Leader as Painter: Communicating Your Vision Effectively”. How does Martin Luther King paint a picture?  How does he cast vision?

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What is your dream?  What is your next step for casting vision for your dream?

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3 Responses to How Great Leaders like Martin Luther King Cast Vision

  1. One of the reasons I find leaders hesitant (or incapable) of communicating vision is that they are (1) unclear about who they really are as a person and (2) as a result spend too much time trying to figure out what is “right”. The courage shown by Dr. King to be himself and talk about his dream has always inspired me. Thanks Steve.

    • Steve Morgan says:

      Great insights Ray. That is a challenge with so many opportunities and options to figure out who I really am and what I to be about. You bring clarity to issues by cutting to the core. Thanks. And, yes the courage of Dr. King and his speech is always inspiring. How have you clarified your #1 point about who you as a person?

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