Mind the Gap

Mind-the-gapIf you have been to London, you know the phrase “Mind the Gap”. It is painted on the platforms in the underground tube stations. A woman’s voice with a lovely British accent reminds riders as they exit to Mind the Gap (though she pronounces it like “Moind thee Gop”). Now, try saying “Moind thee Gop” with your best British accent. Did you try it? You actually did, didn’t you?

Being in London, Cambridge and the UK was surreal. They have a fabulous transit system of buses, trains, and the underground tube. The history and architecture is rich; the people and culture even richer. You can’t beat riding around the UK listening to Love Me Do by the Beatles! We walked the cobblestone streets of the University of Cambridge system of 31 colleges; we visited Trinity College of Cambridge where Isaac Newton dormed as a student; we walked St Johns College where William Wilberforce began to develop convictions and character that led to the abolition of slavery. In London, we saw Westminster Abbey, the place of Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 and the royal wedding of William and Kate last year. The many sights of the London Eye, London Bridge, London Towers, cathedrals, double-decker buses were like a mix of Harry Potter, Narnia, Chariots of Fire and James Bond. I had to watch Skyfall on the plane ride home!

My wife and I were there as part of our job. We are part of a task force to help our organization train our new leaders worldwide in 39 desired outcomes in attitude, knowledge and skill. We are moinding thee gop (your accent is improving!) between past and present organizational needsOur leadership development/human resources leaders in Western Europe were meeting to evaluate their current curriculum against the new desired outcomes. They are doing a wonderful job!

Mind the gap is a good reminder for me as well. I have gaps in my own life to which I need to pay attention. If you are self aware, I bet that you do too. I have thought of a few places I need to mind the gap:

    • between who I am on the inside and who I pretend to be
    • between what I sell and what I deliver
    • between what I say and what I do
    • between what I promise and what I actually fulfill
    • between my beliefs and my behavior
    • between my image/reputation and my true character

If I don’t mind the gap between the train and the platform, I will stumble. When I don’t mind the gaps in my personal life, the results can be even more disastrous to me and the people I lead.

What gaps do you need to mind today? What other gaps are missing from my list? Leave a thought here.

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About Steve Morgan

I work in Global Leadership Development with my wife, Terry. We have been married for 36 years and have 4 grown children. I have a Masters in Global Leadership together through Azusa Pacific University. I generally write about 5 “L’s: Living Well, Loving Deeply, Learning Continuously, Leading Courageously, and Leaving a Legacy. I occasionally write about Laughing Loudly. Subscribe on the right side to receive an email whenever there is a new post. I invite you to leave your comments so we can dialogue on the various topics and learn from each other. If you are new to the site, you might start with looking at some of the top posts or doing a search on the right sidebar for one of the 5 “L’s” that interest you. Or you can view the blog archives for topics. Photo Credit: sarahjoellephotography.com
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6 Responses to Mind the Gap

  1. Great article Steve – I love the way you write! Oh and I am still practicing my accent on Janice though she has no reference point for what I am saying. Her puzzled expression is hilarious.

  2. Tom Bolton says:

    Great article Steve! I’m still working on my American accent; I didn’t even know I had it for years. But I really need work on some gops! Great!

    • Steve Morgan says:

      Thanks Tom. I just remember the first Rocky movie where Rocky says he has gaps and Adrian has gaps, but together, no gaps. Funny. Keep working on the accent. I had a great week visiting Coach Morgan (dad). He of course, remembers you as do I. Blessings!

  3. Miguel says:

    Steve, great article, made me mind my gaps, ” the mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace”, i want to please my God. Best Regards from Ajijic.

    • Steve Morgan says:

      Hello Miguel. Thanks for your comment! Sounds like you are doing well. How was your birthday? I will aprovechar this opportunity to tell you happy belated birthday also! Saludos to Edith.

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