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Go Getters and Go Givers

Joe is a real “go getter” but something is missing from his life and leadership. Bob Burg offers some help to Joe and to us in his book “The Go Giver”. It is a free resource for your learning and … Continue reading

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younger next year

Originally posted on maturitas cafe:
When we are children, we can’t wait to grow up, play with the “big guys”, and enjoy the privileges that come with accumulated years of age. It doesn’t take long before we are we looking…

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The Secret of Teams

I recently received an email from Dan Rockwell, A.K.A. Leadership Freak (his blog) regarding a great resource. Free download of Chapter 1 of “The Secret of Teams” by Mark Miller: Here is the link: (No registration required) This is a classic … Continue reading

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Three Things I Would Tell my Younger Self

Do you every wish you could have a do-over? I have, many times. For example, I have wished I could start the conversation differently with my wife in a way that validated her feelings instead of going on the defensive. … Continue reading

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The Four Essential Food Groups for Leaders

On Thursday, I had the privilege to take part in a leadership development conversation with Dr. Henry Cloud, hosted by Dan Rockwell, A.K.A. Leadership Freak. The conference call focused on Henry’s upcoming new book: Boundaries for Leaders: Results, Relationships and Being Ridiculously … Continue reading

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