What are you waiting for? [post by Aaron Powers]

fences w credit

My internet friend Aaron Powers hit the nail on the head with his latest post, “What Are You Waiting For?”.  Since there are no guarantees in life…

we need to consider two important questions:

What fences in your life need mending?

What do you want those who matter most in your life to know?

After losing my mom and my dad within the last year and a half, my wife losing her step-dad last week, and another dear friend losing his wife of 51 years, it kind of makes me stop and think. What legacy am I going to leave behind when I am the one who dies?

Read Aaron’s post here.

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2 Responses to What are you waiting for? [post by Aaron Powers]

  1. Haswell Beni says:

    The questions at the end of Aaron Powers’ sharing were piercing in the article “What Are You Waiting For?”. I for one was either forced to ignore them, lie to myself or lie to God and to others.
    I am glad they are a mirror to my life. So, I have decided to be honest in answering them to myself and to God.
    God allows us to experience life NOT as we imagined to fulfill His purposes for our existence.
    I find this to be tough because I begin to ask God what He is doing or if He knows what He is doing. Thank you Aaron for sharing this out aloud. This has awakened in me the issue of control. Do I like to be in control or Is it safe to be under control?

    • Steve Morgan says:

      Thanks for your vulnerable and transparent comments Haswell. I too have struggled with control issue. I realized that I had stopped praying for a long season after God did not answer certain prayers of mine for my kids. I eventually saw that I wanted to control God-like he was a cosmic vending machine. I put in the coin, press B4 and expect the chocolate Ding Dongs to drop out. When they didn’t, I got angry. I am still learning that God wants more relationship and for me to process life with Him rather than demand my way and try to control Him.

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