Global Leadership Summit 2015-Highlights Day One

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Bill Hybels @BillHybels, Founder and Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Church spoke on “The Intangibles of Leadership”.

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@wcagls 5 Intangibles of Leadership

  1. Grit
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Self-sacrificing Love
  5. Sense of Meaning

Jim Collins, Nationally Acclaimed Business Thinker, Best-selling Author of Good to Great on “Seven Questions: Beyond Good to Great”.

Seven Questions by @chuckscoggins


Click here to see full talk notes on “Seven Questions: Beyond Good to Great”.

Ed Catmull, @edcatmull  Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios; President of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Click to see talk notes from Ed’s talk on “Creativity, Inc”.

@drbret  culture of candor and kindness in response to failure is essential for organizational learning and health

@steveryancarter the magic happens when ego leaves the room

@simon_seow  ‘Art isn’t about drawing, but about learning to see… and which company wouldn’t need it?’.

Adam Grant, @AdamMGrant Professor, Wharton School of Business; Best-selling author

Click here from notes from Adam’s talk on “Give and Take: A New Perspective on Leadership”.

@HSchoegler “Sweet spot for giving is 100 hours/year. How are you managing your giving? Great example of 5 Minute Favors.”

@NormanNakanishi  True givers ask: “How can I be the rising tide that lifts all boats?”

Brené Brown, @BreneBrown, Research Professor, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work; Best Selling Author on

Click here for Brené Brown talk on “Rising Strong”.

@JVR_Paul   This rocked me! ‘The bravest among us will always be the most broken hearted because they had the courage to love.’

@ginabrennabutz  As a leader, you can have comfort, or you can have courage. You can’t have both.

Sallie Krawcheck,  @SallieKrawcheck   Chair, Ellevate Network; Former President, Bank of America’s Global Wealth & Investment Management

Click here for full talk notes from “Leadership and Ethics on Wall Street”.

@davebaldwin  Embrace diversity.

@malphursgroup  “Diverse teams don’t make things more efficient but they are more effective.”

Albert Tate, @alberttate, Founder and Senior Pastor, Fellowship Monrovia in Southern California

Talk notes from “Leading with Leftovers”.

@darrinpatrick  Live for your eulogy not your resume.

@brianbloye  Running on empty is not a sign of great work ethic, it’s a sign that you are missing God’s abundance in your life.

What was your favorite tweet of the #GLS15 from Day One?

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5 Responses to Global Leadership Summit 2015-Highlights Day One

  1. daylerogers says:

    Not being there makes this really helpful. Thanks for sharing the bytes that meant something to you.

  2. terry morgan says:

    Great Day 1 summary! So grateful to be there with you!

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