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I work in Global Leadership Development with my wife, Terry. We have been married for 36 years and have 4 grown children. I have a Masters in Global Leadership together through Azusa Pacific University. I generally write about 5 “L’s: Living Well, Loving Deeply, Learning Continuously, Leading Courageously, and Leaving a Legacy. I occasionally write about Laughing Loudly. Subscribe on the right side to receive an email whenever there is a new post. I invite you to leave your comments so we can dialogue on the various topics and learn from each other. If you are new to the site, you might start with looking at some of the top posts or doing a search on the right sidebar for one of the 5 “L’s” that interest you. Or you can view the blog archives for topics. Photo Credit:

how questions can change our relationships

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Helena Lopez – Unsplash Hi, friends! It’s been a while. I have not had the mental space to write clear thoughts for a long time. However, today is the day. I received the fun (and…

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Know Yourself to Lead Yourself

What is true with climbing a mountain is true with growing in leadership and life. The higher you go, the harder it gets. Acclimating to higher levels of leadership requires me to face and conquer the tendencies in my life … Continue reading

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Steward Your Personal Growth

Let’s face it. Growth is hard. At times, it can be downright painful – especially when the Professor Life shows up, replete with his curriculum of trials and hard circumstances. “Hey, I never signed up for that course with that … Continue reading

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doing battle with discouragement

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Photo Credit: Michael Payne – Unsplash Life has felt heavy. COVID. Politics. Racial divisions. Natural disasters. I feel the weight of these many issues, and somedays I have to battle to find hope. On a…

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wading through weariness

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Image Credit: Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash I took a wonderful vacation week with my family. We spent most of the time outdoors in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. The minimal phone…

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