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What’s Your Goal: Cammy

Great coaches and leaders empower others. They are loved because they help others reach personal goals and dreams.  Cammy was born unable to walk or speak.  Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks heard of her dream to score a goal … Continue reading

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Five Qualities of the Leader of the Future

I am just two months from (hopefully) finishing my M.A. in Global Leadership from Azusa Pacific.  It has been three stretching, learning  and valuable years along with my wife who is also in the same program. One thing we have … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Success

Every leader hopes to be successful.  No leader or business sets out to fail.  Success, however carries with it at least six inherent dangers.  Harari (1993) confirms that “companies that were heroes yesterday are not necessarily heroes today…more than 40 … Continue reading

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Asking Questions versus Telling Answers

It was a simple question, but six months later the words still formed how the young leader processed life. On a walk with my son, he related that he was still processing a question I asked him six months earlier. … Continue reading

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Make Your Thoughts Visible

Someone brilliantly remarked,  “A fool with a pencil is smarter than a genius without one.” I was reminded of the importance of capturing ideas during a lunchtime conversation with a high level executive of a leading car manufacturer.  During our … Continue reading

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