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12 “Nails” that Deplete the Heart

I came out of an appointment some time ago and saw the light on my dashboard. It indicated that my tire had low pressure–it was depleted.  I was able to make it to a garage where they removed a nail, … Continue reading

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spirituality and integrity for leaders

Originally posted on maturitas cafe:
This week in my M.A. course, we discussed leadership competencies, specifically the need for spirituality and integrity for leaders. Spirituality was defined as: centered, eternal awareness, moral concern, recognition of the sacred, meaning and purpose. Integrity…

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5 Kinds of Leaders to Avoid

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. They are male and female; they come from all races, nationalities and walks of life. There are bad, good and great leaders. We find them at all levels and in all organizations. Some … Continue reading

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Who You Gonna Call?

On our recent move to Florida, we noticed a system of call boxes. Apparently there are over 2,750 push-button type motorist call boxes along Florida’s Interstate Highways and Turnpikes, with assistance available for medical, service, or police. Almost every mile we … Continue reading

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the Leader Impact-5 (LI-5, v. 1.3)

Here is the LI-5 tops posts I read this week on living well, loving deeply, leading courageously, learning continuously and leaving a legacy.  Check them out! Live Well:  4 Simple Habits Guaranteed to Change Your Life. OK, this is shameless plug … Continue reading

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