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Now That’s a Great Question – Free Book!

What do you think makes a great question? Do you know how to multiply others ideas rather than diminish them?  How do you develop leaders and not just followers? My friend, Bob Tiede (@bobtiede) is celebrating seven years of blogging … Continue reading

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The Servant-Leader

I just finished reading The Case for Servant Leadership by Kent Keith for my M.A in Global Leadership class.  I enjoyed the chapter on key practices of Servant-Leaders.  He lists self-awareness, listening, changing the power pyramid, developing people, coaching-not controlling, … Continue reading

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Asking Questions versus Telling Answers

It was a simple question, but six months later the words still formed how the young leader processed life. On a walk with my son, he related that he was still processing a question I asked him six months earlier. … Continue reading

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Make Your Thoughts Visible

Someone brilliantly remarked,  “A fool with a pencil is smarter than a genius without one.” I was reminded of the importance of capturing ideas during a lunchtime conversation with a high level executive of a leading car manufacturer.  During our … Continue reading

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