Who You Gonna Call?

call boxOn our recent move to Florida, we noticed a system of call boxes. Apparently there are over 2,750 push-button type motorist call boxes along Florida’s Interstate Highways and Turnpikes, with assistance available for medical, service, or police. Almost every mile we found call boxes. Most of us drive problem-free to our destinations, but who would you call when you need assistance with a tow or medical emergency?

Dialing motorist call boxes would be extremely helpful in a roadside emergency. Calling the Ghostbusters might be the right choice if you want to hire misfit parapsychologists to rid your place of paranormal activity.

Who do you call for life problems?

We all encounter “emergencies” along our journey. Who do you call when your marriage hits a crisis? When you need counseling for your career?  When you need encouragement that you will survive the teenage years as a parent? In leadership, we all face similar leadership challenges like crisis, complexity, betrayal, loneliness and weariness. Who do you call when you face these challenges?

I have found two calls to be extremely helpful:

First, I call on God. I wish I remembered to do this more often and more quickly.  Recently I read that King Solomon urged his nation to cry for insight and ask for understanding from the Lord. If one of the wisest leaders of all time called on God for wisdom, it most definitely would be helpful for me. I call on God because He knows me and He knows the future; God grants wisdom when I ask. When was the last time you called on God to help you?

Secondly, I call on friends and coaches. 15 years ago I was doing a 360-degree evaluation. I realized that there was nobody close to me who knew me well enough to give feedback into my life that would mean anything. That was a scary realization, and the truth spurred me on to change that reality. Today I have a system of friends and coaches who help me in areas of my marriage, personal development plan, professional development assignments, personal struggles, career assessment and planning, and my Masters work. I regularly meet with coaches and friends. I can quickly call 5-6 others who know the worst and the best about me to help me with different needs in my life.

Who could you call this week to thank them for helping in your life and development? Who are the people you could call in an emergency?

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